Abortion and Gun Rights are two of the hardest topics to discuss as a Republican or Democrat.  It has become such a difficult topic due to both sides taking far left or right positions and not figuring out how to #GovernTogether.  That will change with my election and I intend to put forth legislation that both sides should get behind as it is a very good balance between the two sides of the argument.

I am a Catholic, which means that spiritually I do not support abortions.  I am an American, which means that I follow and uphold the Constitution of the United States, which permits a person’s free choice without government intrusion unless a compelling government interest exists.  The Constitution calls for the separation between Church and State, which I believe is the controlling factor here.  Regardless of anything else, I support abortion at any time if there is danger to the mother’s health, which should be a choice between the woman and her doctor, period.

I believe that the government doesn’t have a compelling reason before 3 months to intrude on any person’s right to elect for an abortion.  I also believe that after 6 months, the government has a very compelling reason to ban abortions as science has determined that at that point, the fetus would live outside the womb and thus is a human being.  The compelling reason at that point is more embedded in criminal law than anything else in the regard of the killing of another human being is murder.  I hope everyone is paying attention that right now, pro-life and pro-choice groups have a win and a loss on this issue with my position.

That leaves us with the toughest of times and the “tie-breaker” so to speak in the second trimester of childbirth.  What do we do here as both sides have a win and loss, so in order to create a balance, both sides must win and lose in the middle.  I would support a measure that allowed abortions in the second trimester or months 6-9 of the pregnancy on a showing of cause by the mother.  I think we need to respect circumstances in life, the individual that must face those circumstances and individual choice.   I would allow the mother to petition for a mid-term abortion for life altering events.  Those changes would include, but are not limited to, the loss of the father, serious financial hardship, damage to the fetus, mental health issues or similar events.

My approach both allows and disallows abortions at various stages of childbirth.  It will not make everyone happy because it doesn’t completely ban abortions and doesn’t completely allow them either.  No solution outside of a completely lop-sided law would satisfy those people getting 100% of what they wanted.  Getting 100% of what you want is not a way to #GovernTogether.  Giving a woman 3 months to decide on an abortion is ample time to make that decision and has an intended side benefit.  It is proven fact that women that chose to have mid or late term abortions suffer from depression as a result of their choice.  I really think we need to talk about how the abortion decision effects a woman’s mental health overall, but especially after a mid or late term abortion, something Planned Parenthood doesn’t want to talk about.