Border security cannot be ignored or fought over any longer and we must address this issue for the sake of our country.  There are massive amounts of drugs coming over our Southern border and that serves as a great danger to our citizens.  We have over 130 people dying every day due to the opioid epidemic fueled by heroin coming in from South America.  Unimaginable human trafficking is going undetected where women are getting abused and raped during the process.  Illegal aliens are flowing across the border in record numbers and the caravans don’t seem to stop.  We cannot turn a blind eye to these problems and people, we must help, but that means total comprehensive border security.

There isn’t any measure more or less than important from each other and it must be a four-prong approach.  Personnel, equipment, technology and physical deterrents. We hear it every day from the guys on the front lines, they need help.  We need to add additional border agents to handle the current influx of drugs and people, and then maintain those additional agents as a deterrent.  Any law can be put in place, but when people ignore the law and there aren’t enough people to execute and uphold those laws, they are pointless.  A significant increase in personnel will need to be invested in. 

Additional agents will need additional equipment to be most effective.  Land, air and sea capabilities must be upgraded and maintained.  Our agents must have adequate trucks, quads, dune buggies, boats, cars and off-road vehicles to combat the multiple terrain of the Southern border.  There must be an increase in air assets, which includes drones, helicopters and planes.  Air superiority is more effective than search, rescue, capture and detention, which in and of itself would act as a great deterrent.  Increasing small boat, fast intercept watercraft is crucial at the Rio Grande crossing areas and others.  Greater amount of patrols will lead to fewer crossing attempts if the laws are changed to discourage people from attempting to illegally enter the country.

Our agents need the most effective, up to date and modern technology we have available and we must keep investing in this area.  Mobile sensors, drones, scanners and detectors are key to the success of drug interception, illegal alien detection and to stop human trafficking.  The Southern border is very diverse in terrain and doesn’t require the same deterrent in every area.  Mobile sensors, with strong manpower and effective laws will act stronger than physical deterrents in some areas.  Our ports of entry need an increase in scanners and detectors to combat the drug and human trafficking crisis.  Drugs and people come from both, ports of entry and open border locations, and we must strengthen both.

Physical deterrents will also be part of the comprehensive plan and people need to stop lying to you that they don’t work or are ineffective.  We put walls, fences, gates, doors and alarms on our own homes to protect our family castles, our country is no different, it’s our community castle and it must be protected.  Physical deterrents will need to be adaptive to the terrain and won’t be needed coast to coast, only in certain areas.  We cannot be stubborn as to material and type, we need to consider the most effective design that balances esthetics, which will let science and visual aesthetics guide the way. 

No matter what is done on border security, nothing will change completely unless the laws are changed at the same time.  As you can see my approach on immigration and border security is a blend of both party ideas, which solves the problem once and for all and doesn’t leave holes to be kicked down the road.  We can’t deny hard honest truths in the regard the drugs are killing us, and illegal immigration is straining our economy.  It is time we stopped the drugs, stopped the human trafficking and made our immigration system an economic powerhouse that no other country could rival.  #GovernTogether