If anyone has ever paid any attention to history this topic wouldn’t even be up for debate.  Since there is a new wave of politicians that have either never learned or have forgotten what socialism brings, this subject must be discussed.  Socialism is a government theory that only works on paper and never actually works in the real world due to one factor and one factor alone, power.  Just like the current state of affairs, political power grabbing is a detriment to society.  At least in a democracy, there can be a balancing power stop gap in the form of other pollical parties, but once you stray from democracy, your county may never come back.  I’ll be the first person to admit, socialism has an appeal because usually the people pushing for it have good intentions.  However, the downfall is that at some point, at some time, a person will come along, work their way into power, and never give it up.

Everyone should know, a “Democratic Socialist”, is a socialist, don’t let the word “democratic” fool you, it is a red hearing.  A “Progressive Socialist” is a socialist, so is any other disguise type of socialism as it all equals the same in the end, government completely ruling your life and usually it will find its way into one person’s hand, not just the government as a whole.  Venezuela, the USSR, China, North Korea, India, Vietnam and Cuba are a few examples of socialist countries.  Every single one of these countries doesn’t have an immigration problem for a reason.  Every single one of these countries people die trying to escape from and it isn’t because socialism works.

History repeats itself and it is up to us to break that cycle.  If we #GovernTogether we can defeat socialism and break any repeat in history and save our country.  Those that think their version of socialism works is lying to you and won’t accept the simple truth that no matter the intentions, when you put that much power into the hands of the few or the one, in the end, the people will suffer.  The definition of insanity is trying the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result.  Keep this in mind when thinking about “trying” a new version of the same old socialism software 1.0 disguised as Democratic Socialism 2.0, they are the same and will yield the same result.

This doesn’t mean that Capitalism is perfect, it is not, and we should #GovernTogether to make it better.  To date, Capitalism has been the greatest form of government in the world and we shouldn’t throw it away because it isn’t perfect.  I think there needs to be reform in the banking industry, Wall Street and price gouging.  We can no longer have banks run wild with lending and then have their hand out when they fail.  Wall Street can’t operate in such a fashion as to expand the wealth of those that already have it while leaving the common man behind.  Finally, we have to address price gouging in the real sense and make tough choices that may seem to interfere with free business choices.

Our current banking system truly favors the wealthy and better off, leaving lower- and middle-class people in trouble.  Lower – and middle-class people either can’t get loans or have to suffer with higher interest rates leading to higher default rates.  The problem is, we need to get money into those people’s hands so that they can grow and lift themselves economically.  We already tax the rich more than the poor, so why don’t we adopt some of that theory in lending.  I would be in favor of a loan surcharge on the wealthy to subsidize loans for lower – and middle-class people, which would help qualify a greater amount of small business owners and/or prospective owners.  We also need to put in place, greater safety checks on the bona fides of the loan applicants and the documents they supply to banks.  Everything needs to go through a verification system to ensure the applicants have what they say they have.

Wall Street is like a runaway train for the wealthy and there needs to be a balancing act.  Speculation in the market as a whole I think needs to be abolished.  These so called “speculators” can thrust the market into a frenzy at the change of a hat and thus they have too much control over such a large financial sector.  There is also this insatiable need to hit certain targets the company or third-party sets as goals for the company to achieve in any given quarter or time frame.  For example, Apple may project 3.1 billion in sales, but they only hit 2.8 billion in sales, thus driving the stock down.  This makes absolutely no sense to me as if a company is profitable, moving in the upward direction, why wouldn’t the stock increase?  You mean to tell me the company isn’t successful by missing a “target goal” even though they made billions in revenue?  Of course, they are successful, and stock prices should reflect success as a whole and not due to a “target”. 

The major item on my agenda is to address what I consider price gouging, which some may see as hindering free choice in an open market.  Nike made 36.4 Billion dollars in worldwide revenue in 2018, that’s billion with a B!  We all know they pay slave wages to their Vietnamese workers, but no politician fighting for human rights ever brings this up.  Nike executives, owners and contract workers make millions and have gotten filthy rich while the little kid on the street can’t even afford to buy a pair of shoes.  Does Nike need to make 700% return on their product?  Of course, they don’t and shouldn’t.  I propose to put a cap on profit margins under the price gouging laws in order to create a capitalism balance.  Companies like Nike can reduce their expenditures on athlete’s that don’t need the money, increase their pay to employees, and reduce the price of their goods making them available to many more in the marketplace.  In the end, I fully believe that companies won’t even notice a difference because the quantity of sales will offset the lower price.