Climate change is real and too often politicians try to exploit the issue, which is very prevalent today.  Some may try to tell you it doesn’t exist; others try to scare you to death and say the world is ending in 12 years or less.  The extreme sides are wrong, and it is because they are afraid to address real truths in climate change.  The truth is that climate change is real, but the world is not ending in 12 years, so let’s stop grandstanding and fix the problem right.  Let’s #GovernTogether to solve the problem.

First, we must admit is that climate change is real.  Equally and at the same time, we have to admit that our Earth’s climate has always changed, long before humans walked the face of the Earth.  Once you accept those truths, you can actually address the problem.  Reasonable deduction tells you by those truths that humans can’t stop climate change, do contribute to it, and can only control a certain aspect of overall climate change.  Once this reasonable deduction is accepted, we can stop fighting and start addressing how to best combat climate change.

The United States can become net zero emitters of pollution and it still wouldn’t stop climate change.  Therefore, this problem must be addressed on a global scale.  We need to address countries like China and India for their environmental destruction and atrocities on a global scale:

  • China puts 1,133 tCO2/km2/yr of fossil CO2 emissions into the air every year
  • United Arab Emirates puts 2,426 tCO2/km2/yr of fossil CO2 emissions into the air every year. 

Compared to 519 tCO2/km2/yr of fossil CO2 emissions that the entire United States emits on a yearly basis.  We cannot ignore the rest of the world, we lead by example, but this must be part of the solution.  Currently, 4,000 people die in China everyday due to air pollution, is anyone talking about that?

Locally we need to have sensible and reasonable approaches to lowering our environmental footprint.  We need to invest into new and emerging technology, but at the same time, not invest in pipe dreams like Solyndra.  Technology to address upcoming issues will develop over time and it cannot be forced.  Look at what has happened with electric vehicles over the last decade.  The government invested millions into the industry at a time when it was ready to make the breakthroughs.  These breakthroughs came about by private business and gradual innovation.  We have to stop trying to force innovation at the cost of taxpayer dollars that could be better spent on things like education, infrastructure, homelessness and our veterans.

I fully support the effort to reduce plastic use and want to be a leader in working with local businesses to reduce the amount of plastic used.  When we see things like the plastic island in the Pacific Ocean, alarms to this problem shouldn’t have to get any louder.  Of course, during this discussion, we cannot take all the blame for the plastic waste and this is exactly why we must call out foreign governments for their contribution to this problem.  Innovation into 100% recyclable “one use” items would be a smart place to invest money.  The time and technology seem to be at a great convergence for that, in fact Berkley Labs just made a huge breakthrough in PDK recyclable plastics and I encourage you to keep an eye on Berkley Labs and PDK.

The wind power systems must be abandoned, and no further taxpayer dollar invested in that alternative energy, it simply doesn’t pencil out.  Solar and waterpower are prime to invest money into alternative energy at this moment in history.  The strides that have been made in the technology by private companies over the last 5-10 years has been amazing.  When the private market has shown the success, that is when the government should boost those efforts with cash infusion into the research and development of those products, and not a second before. 

Energy change over must always occur over a long period of time so that entire job markets do not disappear overnight as well.  There must always be a careful eye on the economic impact of sudden and rapid change.  We must shift people, jobs and technology over time so that we see an equal increase in one sector, when the other sector reduces in size.  A drastic change from coal to solar would destroy the lives of thousands in the coal industry when they can’t just switch jobs to solar.  There should be a balance phase shift that is market driven which will create an overtime balanced phase in of alternate energy jobs and phase out of fossil fuel jobs.