The war on drugs was started long ago and seems to have only gotten worse with time.  We need to take a multi-faceted approach to the drug issue.  There is the interdiction of keeping drugs out of the country, dealing with them when they reach our neighborhoods, enforcement of laws and treatment.  Combating drugs is not a simple solution and that is mainly to do with the fact the problem is National, State and Local in nature.

The first line of defense is stopping the import of drugs into the country.  Our intelligence community knows exactly what drugs are coming from where so we can target the problem at the source.  It is time that this country imposes sanctions on countries that fail to control the export of narcotics from their country.  I am also not opposed to using our military with coordination of the home country in combating this global issue.  We use our military fixing other countries problems at the expense of American lives.  I think we need to reshape the way we use our military in ways that more directly helps this country.  I’m pretty sure our military could take out the Columbian drug cartel places of cocaine manufacture in days.  We could also probably accomplish this goal without putting human personnel in danger with modern technology and smart weapons.

We also need to bolster the defense systems we have in place along our boarders.  As discussed in the border security section, there are vast measures that need to be deployed and upgraded.  We need a comprehensive boarder security defense that increases technology, manpower, equipment and physical deterrents.  Along with those measures, we have to ensure that those systems are up to date and are continually upgraded with the most up to date capabilities to maximize the effectiveness of the overall system.

We can’t ignore the drugs manufactured at home or the drugs that make their way to our neighborhoods.  There used to be a serious display of force by law enforcement to combat this problem, but that has dwindled over the years.  Make no mistake, there is a war on drugs and wars are not pretty, nor are they relaxed.  The problem is, Congress has failed to keep the hard stance on drugs that is necessary to combat the problem and have gotten very relaxed to the issue.  We must get behind responsible police powers that aggressively attack the drug problem and doesn’t become relaxed or complacent.  There must be harsh penalty and the ability to enforce the law’s on serious drug dealers, while not going overboard for the lower level dealers.