Abortion and Gun Rights are two of the hardest topics to discuss as a Republican or Democrat.  It has become such a difficult topic due to both sides taking far left or right positions and not figuring out how to #GovernTogether.  That will change with my election and I intend to put forth legislation that both sides should get behind as it is a very good balance between the two sides of the argument.

There is an estimated 400+ million guns in America today, with that number growing daily.  Democrats wouldn’t mind taking those guns away, and far right Republicans want too many on the street.  Democrats have said that you can’t deport 11-22 million illegal aliens, so I’m curious how they think they can get 400 million guns away from Americans that rightfully own them.  You can’t deport 11-22 million people as much as you can take 400 million guns away from people so stop trying and solve the problem.

I’m a gun owner, NRA member, hunter and sport shooter that believes in gun control, better said, sensible gun control.  It is a falsehood that guns kill people as guns don’t kill people just as cars don’t, it’s the people behind them.  We must start at the root and work our way up to address the issues raised by both sides.  I have no problem with extensive gun background checks.  Don’t tell me you need a gun today and can’t wait 30 days for a thorough and extensive background check to be completed.  If you needed a gun that bad, you would plan to have it, so waiting 30 days won’t infringe on your right to bear arms.  I think it is perfectly reasonable to balance a waiting period for ALL guns on a 30 days period versus a person’s right to bear arms.

We really need a serious system in place for background checks that encompass mental health, criminal history and intent.  If we took politics aside from the gun debate, I think we can agree that mentally disturbed people can do great harm with guns.  At the same time, putting politics aside, we must accept the fact that if anyone wants a gun, they will get it, legal or not.  Cold hard fact, for around $500 you can get an illegal firearm to do what you please.  Democrats don’t want you to accept this fact, just like far-right Republicans don’t want you to accept a reasonable waiting period for all guns.  Let’s #GovernTogether and do the best we can to keep guns out of the hands of people that don’t deserve them and stop trying to take them away from people that do.

I believe that every person applying to own a firearm should have to go through a gun safety class for the particular type of weapon being purchased.  Handguns, rifles and shotguns are different, and one should be well versed on how to safely use them before they are allowed to own them.  You have to pass a driver’s test and go through training, why should a gun be any different as they both carry the same lethality with the wrong person in control.  Guns aren’t toys, and I would feel better knowing every legal owner out there were taught proper handling and processes with firearms.

Automatic weapons, bump stocks and trigger kits all have their issues.  Would I love to fire an automatic weapon, guns with bump stocks or trigger kits at a shooting range or practice facility, yes, but would I give that up for the overall safety of society, definitely yes.  This just comes down to practicality of need and outside of war, there isn’t a great need for automatic weapons besides fun.  Fun versus societal safety isn’t even a close comparison for me and shouldn’t be for anyone else either.  To fulfill the fun role, we could commission automatic weapon facilities for those that want to use those weapons for fun, keeping those weapons at the facility and nowhere else. 

The point is that there is a balance to be had with this issue and we just need to #GovernTogether to make that happen.  No matter what we do, we will never stop all shootings and killings.  There are bad people in this world and no matter the safety measures, if they decide to give their life for a cause and create a mass shooting, nothing will stop them.  What we can do is try the best we can to reduce the risk with what we are given without infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens.