Legal immigration is intended to have and bring a diverse society of people with a common goal.  Those that come to the country through our legal immigration system are expected to assimilate into our culture and values.  This assimilation is facilitated by the procedure of legal immigration by the need to learn English, study our history and pass an exam that demonstrates that you have put forth the required effort earning citizenship.  I think we need to never forget that citizenship is earned, not given, and we cannot dismiss the fact that our immigration system must hold these values.

Illegal immigration is a problem that must be addressed because the truth is that it hurts our country and Orange County.  This isn’t saying that the people are bad, even though some are, as a whole they aren’t.  However, “hurting our country” isn’t a term that degrades illegal immigrants, it’s the truth about what it does to our country and Orange County.  Illegal immigration costs the Federal Government 113 Billion, the State of California 30.3 Billion and Orange County approximately 3.7 Billion Dollars per year, which could be used to repair our crumbling infrastructure, pay our teachers higher wages, take care of our veterans and lower our taxes.  It also puts a strain on the welfare systems of the country and county because the dependents on welfare span generations with very little return. 

There is also no assimilation into our culture and values when people illegally enter our country.  The complete lack of assimilation helps drive wedges in our country, not bring us closer together.  There is little respect for the rule of law, which is proven by the amount of people never showing up for their court dates after being apprehended at the border and released on their own recognizance.  If one doesn’t want to “fear” being deported, then they shouldn’t have broken the law to place themselves in that position.  There is no incentive to learn English and learn our history so that they can fully appreciate what this country has to offer when they enter our country illegally as well.  This lack of respect earning citizenship, is exactly why we cannot tolerate illegal immigration.

We have between 22 to 44 million illegal aliens in our country right now, the true number is not known and is rising by the day.  Thousands of illegal aliens are crossing the border daily now exploiting our outdated laws.  It is not practical to deport all these people and I wouldn’t support that.  It is also not practical to allow them to knowingly break the law and commit that act without consequences.  The Democrats want you to believe there is no crisis at the Border, they are lying to you.  Republicans have tried to address the problem, even offering DACA security, but Democrats are playing the political grandstanding game.  So, what do we do?  We #GovernTogether.

The solution is to draft legislation that would create an agency within the Department of Homeland Security called the Interim Alien Administration (IAA).  This agency would be responsible for the intake of all illegal aliens in a process to a pathway to citizenship.  There would be a mandatory waiting period of 10 years for citizenship to take effect so that they didn’t “jump the line” or be rewarded for their illegal behavior.  They would have to go through the same process as any legal alien applicant, learn English our history and pass the test.  There would also have to be a civil penalty and denial of voting rights associated with the program as part of reasonable accountability for willing breaking the law.

Due to the surge and abuse at our boarder, January 1, 2019 would be the effective cutoff date for applicants.  There has been far too much abuse after January 1, 2019 to have it any other way.  The day that legislation is passed, would be the effective date for illegal alien response timeframes to start.  This way the law couldn’t discriminate against anyone already in the county in good faith and wouldn’t be arbitrary.  Once the law goes into effect, any illegal alien would have 90 days to register with the agency which could be done online, in person or by mail.  Once registered, the applicant would receive immediate documentation of registration so that could be shown to any law enforcement officer which would exempt them from any deportation action or detention. 

The registration would not protect anyone from any other crime, so anyone wanted for any other legal violation outside of illegal entry into the United States would be held accountable, but within our system and not deported.  Anyone found to have committed violent crimes such as rape, assault and murder would not qualify for the program and would face criminal prosecution and deportation.  This system ensures that we are not retaining criminal illegal aliens while retaining otherwise law-abiding ones.  In other words, it creates the balance that satisfies both political parties and anyone denying this program would be hypocritical in their assertions to the American people.

It would also benefit the system if we address the problem in a similar way that I addressed the homeless issue.  For those illegal aliens that can’t afford to live on their own without assistance, the agency would have communal type facilities, education and work placement centers.  In place of addiction doctors and staff, we would have an assimilation staff and teachers to hold English as a second language classes, US history, economics, mathematics, writing and other classes.  We could invest in our people in order to reduce the need for government assistance and get them placed in the workforce contributing to society. When you have assimilated relocation over geographical relocating type immigration, diversity becomes an asset, instead of a societal wedge.

There is a dire need to correct certain issues within the legal immigration system as well.  With a 1/3 of low wage jobs being replaced by automation in the coming years, it is important that we start approaching immigration on a merit and social need system.  We can’t turn our back on all lower income aliens, so along with the merit candidates, we need to take social need aliens as well.  This should be based on the inverse of replacement jobs lost to automation, and thus take in 3 merit candidates for every 1 social need candidate.  This means that we need to get rid of the visa lottery and chain migration system so that as a country we forward think of the job market as it relates to immigration. 

We also need to process asylum seekers in a more economical fashion and not allow a “catch phrase” to circumvent the system.  The communal style approach will once again be deployed, but it will be a secure facility that is operated like a detention center.  Instead of releasing any asylum or illegal alien into society, they would remain in the detention center until they see an immigration judge.  The immigration court and system would be built into the detention center to expedite applicants.  Should the court deny entry, they would be taken to the point of entry closest to their illegal entry and place them across the border from which they came. If they are granted entry, they would go to the Interim Alien Administration assimilation center.  We must stop anyone from crossing the border, saying the right words and then being released without consequence.

All of us would love to accept and help 100% of those less fortunate that us, it breaks my heart that we can’t.  The reality is that we cannot help 100% of the people all of the time, but we can help some of the people 100% of the time.  By streamlining the system and investing in immigrants, we will provide better help to those seeking it.  We also must be honest with the fact economic hardship cannot be a reason for entry into our country.  If we allow this, we would literally have to accept half of the world’s population.  More than 3 billion people live on $2.50 a day and could claim economic hardship if they crossed our border, we do not have room for 3 billion people in need.