Social division is like cancer and we must attack it from several angles.  There is no doubt that racism exists in all forms.  We must stop pretending that racism is one directional and honor the fact that there are pockets of people from every race that projects racism.  We also must accept, that despite what the race baiters want you to believe, racism is not flourishing in the United States.  Another cold, hard, fact is that no matter what we do, we can never fully eliminate racism, but what we can do is #GovernTogether to make it better.

Most of my generation is frankly tired of how easy the word racism is thrown around to attack a different viewpoint.  We grew up not seeing the color of a person’s skin, but to always to look at a person for who they are.  A person’s character, qualifications and accomplishments should drive their success, not what color or nationality they are.  I think we need a color-blind society and would love to pass legislation forbidding any application process from asking race, gender or sex.  Installing the “best person wins” competition is fair, sexually indifferent and color blind.  This is something that will remove diversity quotas and bias hiring which socially divides us.

Al Sharpton has made a career out of race baiting and harming more than helping, something we must not tolerate any longer.  We need to stop fighting, and he encourages it to say the least.  Most of us are generationally removed from the slavery era, and as these generations have passed, we need to heal and move on, instead of continuing and effort at retribution.  I will never understand the pain slavery caused, it was wrong on every level and I wish healing and closure for those that experienced it.  The newer generations were not even born during this time, and it’s time we healed with each other and moved forward, instead of trying to punish those for a sin not of their own.

If diversity is one of American’s greatest assets and strengths like the Democrats claim it is, why do they keep trying to solve problems for one group or another?  Shouldn’t we instead look at problems in their entirety that America faces?  Why do we care if African American’s have a higher rate of broken family’s or if Caucasian’s have higher rates of drug use?  Shouldn’t we address the broken home and drug use issue in its entirety?  We should want all families to stay together, we should want all people to stay off drugs, it doesn’t matter what color their skin is.

Do you have to look at individual races when addressing issues, yes, but that should be a microcosm of an overall National approach.  When we address issues together, and not individually based on race, we can help heal the country by healing everyone across the race spectrum.  We need to #GovernTogether to solve the problems and stop blaming each other.  My generation wants to walk hand in hand with every person of any color and it’s time we stood up to those that want to keep dragging us back in time, to an era we were not alive, relive the past and keep it alive.  We need to honor and respect the past, forgive those that made mistakes, and work together to solve the problems of today.