Taxes in the State of California are out of control and need to be reined in.  However, our Governor and the State legislature just approved a bill that would pay for healthcare for illegal aliens which undoubtedly will raise our state taxes.  This madness needs to stop, and it will start with the 48th district Congressman being the leading voice against this type of assault on the taxpayer.  As your congressman, I will lead the charge against rising taxes, unfair practices and fight to keep more money in your pocket.

First, we must lower our local taxes to encourage growth in business.  Companies are bailing out of California because it makes no sense to invest here when the State and Local governments keep taking more, unwisely spending it and going further into debt.  When we lower our local taxes, companies can afford to hire more people, invest in their business which creates growth, which creates more jobs.  It is a perpetual circle that is only stifled by higher taxes.  The same is true for personal taxes, we must lower personal taxes because people need to keep more of their money to invest it in their own families and needs.  Giving each family more disposable income creates as much growth as lower business taxes as we are all cogs in the same economic machine.

Second, the people of the 48th need to have someone strong enough to stand up to the State and their continued assault on our hard-earned money, and that someone is me.  The State can’t even maintain roads, keep great teachers well compensated or provide basic needs to the people that are lawfully here.  Now the State wants to divert more money, raise your taxes even higher, to pay for medical care for illegal aliens.  The fight to keep the interests of the people in the 48th in the forefront starts with the fight on taxes.  We must stop the State from continuing to take our money for causes not of our own.

Third, the days that Amazon, GE, Facebook and other giants paying no Federal Taxes will come to an end when I’m elected.  Why are the richest companies in the world not paying Federal Taxes?  To me, there is no good argument and is only a part of the deep state to keep the wealthy in power.  We must #GovernTogether to stop this and have these companies pay their fair share like the rest of us.  This would put billions of dollars back into the economy and bridge the gap between the Federal deficit and needs of the people.  

I have no problem with scaling tax brackets, but that scaling cannot be disproportionate.  When you tax the wealthy too much, the shutter investment and spending which stalls growth.  When we under tax the less fortunate, they start to fall into a trap that everything is given as a handout and less effort is put into bettering their own lives so as not to invest in themselves.  I’m a big fan of a sliding scale flat tax to solve this problem.  Individuals making $25,000 a year or less pays 2.5%, $25,000-$50,000 pays 5%, $50,000-$250,000 pays 10%, $250,000-$1,000,000 pays 15% and $1,000,000 or more pays 20% per year.  This balance will get everyone to pay their fair share and ensures those that can afford it pay more, but that they don’t pay so much as to stunt growth.