Part of the problem in Washington is how serving in congress has raised to celebrity status.  People speak of how it is an honor to serve and that they are really working for the American people.  I believe that 99% of those statements are just talking points and those that speak those words do not mean that.  Serving in Congress should be an honor and it is about serving the people, but modernly, that isn’t the case and it’s time that we #GovernTogether to make that happen.

First, we should not call any member of Congress a “star” or “rising star”.  Members of congress are servants, not stars or celebrities.  If anyone were to call me a star or rising star in the Republican party, I would kindly ask them to not use such a phrase.  If you want to call me a servant, or rising servant of the people, I’m fine with that, because that would be who I would be, a servant.  We need to stop glorifying members of Congress because of political grandstanding.  I wonder how much could get done if some “rising stars” in the Democrat party stopped wasting more time and money on Russian Collusion and focused on passing real legislation to improve the disaster that is the American Care Act?

Second, we need to enact term limits for members of Congress.  The amount of money and control that members of Congress gain over the course of years and in some cases decades, leads to power grabbing and corruption.  Nancy Pelosi just declared Congress as the most powerful branch of government.  Dear Nancy, the Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branches of government are equal as defined by our founding fathers.  This statement alone is proof of power hungry and dependent politicians determined to usurp power, not keep it in the people hands. 

It is imperative to get new, fresh people with different ideas that have not been overtaken by the lobby market that has destroyed Washington DC.  Both sides of the isle are guilty of this hypocrisy and it needs to change.  Putting term limits is a sure-fire way to accomplish this hurdle and put America back on track to #GovernTogether in a way that serves the American People and not just the politicians pushing agendas that don’t.