This is one of Americas greatest tragedies, in my opinion.  My family and many friends are veterans and this issue hits home thinking about the people that served next to them and are injured.  I donate to Wounded Warriors Project every month, but that isn’t enough, I must do more, we must do more, so let’s #GovernTogether to fix this problem.  Throwing money at the problem will not be enough, neither will changing a few policies here and there.  We must take bold and swift action because our wounded veterans deserve better and they deserve it now.

First all VA Hospital’s would semi privatize with the exception that they would still be owned by the government, but ran like a private hospital, which means they will be designed to make a profit.  This means that they would not only take veterans, they would take anyone that requires care with insurance and have an emergency room for those that don’t.  They would have to follow the same guidelines as outlined in the Medical Care Section of my views for all hospitals.  Standard, consistent and transparent pricing, doctor’s choice and uniform care. 

This all sounds good, but if you still have some pencil pushing bureaucrat approving or denying treatment, what good does that do our veterans?  The answer is that our veterans would go through the private insurance market and the VA would only be responsible for paying the premium.  Based on the years of service and other factors, we would establish what level of insurance coverage that would be offered.  The current system for benefits would control and those not eligible for any type of benefit after their service would not qualify, but for those that do currently, still would.

Disabled veterans are a little different, but not much from the current system, it would only be administered through the private market as well.  For example, a veteran deemed 20% disabled would receive 20% of the premium covered.  This is after the VA picks up 100% of the cost for treatment for any original injury and its full treatment.  For example, a veteran has a severely wounded arm from an IED which requires years of treatment until it is repaired to the best our doctors and technology can do.  The end result is 40% disability after the years of treatment, and it won’t get any worse or better.  The VA would have to pay 100% of the medical expenses to the treating physicians at any treatment facility.  Then, the VA would have to pay 40% of the veteran’s insurance premium for the rest of their life.

This system would allow veterans to go to any hospital of their choice in any location that takes their insurance.  It would broaden the medical care to our veterans in such a way that they would experience health care like they have never experienced but deserve.  Take the overload that the VA has with long lists and get those in need into hospitals today!  This is an issue we cannot drag our feet on and would take a lot of work.  That is how real reform gets done, lots of hard work and if needed, drastic change.  I think this is a drastic change that all our veterans could get behind.