chris engels

Meet Christopher Engels

Chris was born in Mission Viejo California and grew up in Orange County, spending time in Mission Viejo, Irvine, Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar before moving to Covina, CA in 1987.  He spent his remaining childhood in Covina where he graduated high school from Charter Oak High before departing to Washington State University to attend college.  After college, Chris lived and worked in Bend, OR where he started his first business in general contracting and then pursued his Juris Doctorate in Law at Northwestern California School of Law.  After graduating law school, Chris returned to where his heart and roots lie, in Orange County, currently resides in Newport Beach and operates The Law Office of Christopher Engels in Costa Mesa.

Chris is a conservative Republican who thinks like an independent to find solutions, not talking points.  His approach to governing isn’t much different then running a business or working with people to solve problems.  Our government expects us to work hard, pay our bills, pay our taxes, save money and succeed in life, why shouldn’t we expect the same out of our government?  The answer is that we should expect the same and that is what Chris expects.

We must give and take when dealing with opposing parties, it is not a one-way street, something Washington has forgotten.  The party in the majority should get more of what they want, while giving up somethings they don’t want to the minority, that is called compromise.  The county must start accepting hard truths, and then we must act to stop things from getting worse.  Current politicians are afraid to tackle tough issues in fear they will lose votes, but Chris is different, he’s not afraid to tackle tough issues, because the people need him to, and he will.  The focus of governing will be by the people, for the people, with a bipartisan approach, middle ground solutions, and effective legislation.  We must #GovernTogether, so please join Chris in making Orange County the example of proper and just political leadership.

With his extensive business background, legal mind, middle-ground approach and connection with people, Chris is the perfect person to lead Orange County into the future.  Chris is down to earth, a man who grew up in a family that had to work for everything they had from a place of humble beginnings.  

Not all Chris's time is spent working. In his free time, Chris enjoys staying active and spending time with his wife, Irene, and the family lab, Daisy. You will find the Engels at their favorite sports locations, especially the Anaheim Ducks, Angels, and Chargers games (be sure to say hello if you're there!).

We must #GovernTogether

The focus of governing will be by the people, for the people, with a bipartisan approach, middle ground solutions, and effective legislation. Join Chris to make Orange County the prime example of proper and just political leadership.